Week 2: 49ers v Steelers

Tough times ahead for us 49ers fans. It would have almost been nicer if we had not beaten the Vikings in week 1. That gave us hope. Then, when we came up against an opposition of Steelers standards, it is cruelly dashed against the rocks.

To be sure, San Francisco did move the ball. However, the points themselves were somewhat the result of gambling and going on forth. There is no guarantee we will be so lucky next time.

Defence seems to be the clear weak spot though. Time after time Ben Roethlisberger simply bombed it over the top to where a receiver, usually Antonio Brown, had run past everybody. That is embarrassing when it happens at Leeds Samurai, let alone in the NFL.

Hard season ahead for the 49ers

Jim Harbaugh rocked up to the 49ers and instantly gave them a 13-3 on their first season. They went to the championship game in three straight seasons, including coming three yards away from being Super Bowl champions. Then they went 8-8 one year and Harbaugh got fired. Jed York couldn’t explain why, probably because there was absolutely no justifiable reason for such an action.

So, bad times then.

They still have a good team though. You know, except for losing Patrick Willis, Chris Borland, Frank Gore, Mike Iupati, Dan Skuta, Chris Culliver, Perrish Cox and Michael Crabtree…

Two weeks until the 2014 Draft

In fact, it is not even that! It is only 8 days away. As I am now working in the sports industry, staying up all night watching the Draft is even part of my job really. Sure, we do not actually have anything to do with NFL, but sport is sport. Right?

Closer to home, here in the UK the football season is about to kick off too. A week on Sunday the Yorkshire Rams begin their season by hosting Sheffield Predators. Exciting times.

Week 13: Seahawks v 49ers

Given the Seahawks will almost certainly wrap up the NFC, let alone the division, regardless of what happened, this was a much bigger game for the 49ers.

The victory at Candlestick Park is well deserved for the 49ers. Having only just come up short against the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers, it was only a matter of time until the balance was tipped in their favour. Despite the so-called ups and downs they have had a really consistent season – beating all the weaker times and falling to the stronger ones.

Does this mean the 49ers can make it all the way to the Super Bowl? Probably not. There is a big difference between beating the Seattle Seahawks at your stadium, compared to going to CenturyLink Field. But there certainly is life in this San Francisco team yet.

Fantasy Picks: Week 1

This year, I’m on NFL UK’s fantasy football game from the start. I like it because it’s easy lol. You have $18 million to spend and you have to pick a couple of offensive players, and a team defence.

They say you should draft with your head, not your heart. But that sounds boring. Never the less, I managed to avoid the temptation to pick Colin Kaepernick and instead take Russell Wilson at quarterback. There is a lot of chatter that rates the Seahawks as going all the way this year, and for only $3m, a quarterback facing the Panthers makes more sense than one facing the Packers.

Running backs, I chose Adrian Peterson because you would have to be silly not to. No player costs more than $4m so given all the best running backs at the same, why wouldn’t you pick the guy that everyone knows is the best running back in the NFL? When funds get tight, you have to go with what you know, so my other receiver is Kendall Hunter.

Wide receivers, I picked Wes Welker because he is a great receiver and Peyton Manning is too slow to do anything except throw the ball (and at that he is very, very good). I also picked Anquan Boldin because I’m not sure who else is going to be catching balls for San Francisco. I also took Garrett Celek at tight end because I didn’t have any money left.

Rounded out with some more Vikings – I took them as team defence, mostly because they were cheap and are only playing the Detroit Lions, and Blair Walsh for kicker because he had a storming season last year.

49ers cut

The final cut down to 53 players was fairly predictable for San Francisco.

Scott Tolzien had already been cut and the recently signed Seneca Wallace followed him out the door to leave Colin Kaepernick, Colt McCoy and B J Daniels as the 49ers quarterbacks.

Jewel Hampton had made a few good runs in the pre-season, but when you have Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter, LaMichael James and Anthony Dixon on your roster, a few good runs isn’t going to pull much weight.

Lavelle Hawkins had a few good catches too, but after some balls he should have caught, he also fails to make the cut.

Pre Week 4: 49ers v Chargers

A convincing win for the 49ers at 41-6, but of course it is pre-season, so it means very little. Philip Rivers didn’t pay at all for the Chargers whereas the 49ers gave their starting line-up a couple of snaps.

Third string quarterback Brad Sorensen went from having never thrown an interception in the NFL to having thrown two, and the 49ers capitalised on it. Both teams had a relatively good night when it came to giving away penalties.

B. J. Daniels is looking good for fitting in with the San Francisco style offence.

Pre Week 3: Vikings v 49ers

At the end of preseason week two, all the commentators were discussing how excited they were that the first teams would be playing into the second half next week. This certainly wasn’t the case when the Vikings came to Candlestick Park.

Adrian Peterson was allowed two snaps and never got to touch the ball.

Colin Kaepernick got a lot more game time and despite a shaky start of 1 for 7, soon moved up to 6 for 6 in his next drive. Christian Ponder got even more game time, though didn’t produce anything spectacular.

Colt McCoy put in a far more convincing performance as backup quarterback. With B. J. Daniels also showing a lot of potential and Seneca Wallace recently having arrived, it is looking like gloomy times for Scott Tolzien.

Phil Dawson put in a series of convincing field goals to justify his replacement of David Ackers.